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Initial Equipment for Babies

Especially when it comes to your first baby, you may not yet be able to judge what you initially need. This also depends on the time of year and personal preferences.


The following list is intended to help you prepare: 

Clothes Care & Nappy Changing  

  •  3–4 rompers, size 56/62 
  • 4-6 bodysuits, short and/or long, made of cotton or silk wool, size 56/62
  • 2 jackets or jumpers to cover/change your baby 
  • several pairs of socks or baby booties
  • in winter: 1 warm overall, 2 warm hats and gloves
  • in summer: 2 thin cotton hats
  • high-quality, pure oil without additives (e.g. almond oil, jojoba oil)
  • nappy cream
  • baby nail kit
  • soft washcloth
  • washable cotton pads or wet wipes to clean the nappy area
  • disposable or cloth nappies
  • changing station (changing table or changing mat)
  • baby bathtub (a deep washbasin or a sturdy laundry bin may also be suitable)
  • bath towel, possibly with a hood
  • soft baby brush or baby comb
  • water thermometer
  • a good addition in winter: heat lamp (often available second-hand)
  • 6–8 cheesecloths as burp cloths
  • bucket with lid for dirty nappies

Sleeping & Cuddling

  • seasonal baby sleeping bag
  • bedside crib or bassinet/baby nest
  • firm baby mattress
  • Cherry stone pillow
  • thin baby blanket or swaddle blanket


  • baby car seat (legally mandatory when baby is transported in the car)

Note: ÖAMTC lends out baby car seats for a deposit and a fee

  • sling/carrying aid
  • stroller/buggy including rain and sun protection
  • diaper bag

Medicine Cabinet for Newborns

  • clinical thermometer that can also be used rectally (rectal measurement is the most accurate, especially for babies)
  • tweezers (e.g. for splinters or when small children stick small things in their noses/ears)
  • nappy cream 
  • saline solution (for blocked noses or clogged eyes) 
  • sterile swabs 
  • nasal aspirators

Items for babies who are not breastfed

Note: if you are planning to breastfeed, you do not need to get the following items 'just in case'

  • 3 baby bottles with lid and teat
  • bottle brush
  • bottle warmer
  • steriliser if necessary
  • 1 packet of baby Pre formula
  • soother with flat or transverse oval sucking element and a soother shaft that is as flat as possible

Items for mothers for the first time at home:

  • nursing pillow or firm cushion for a comfortable position
    nursing bra or nursing tops

Note: as the breasts change as a result of breastfeeding, a larger size than usual is usually required.
nursing pads 

  • maternity pads or thick 
  • sanitary towels (without plastic coating, often available online) 
  • period underwear if necessary 
  • pain medication compatible with breastfeeding 
  • teas, possibly breastfeeding tea or tea for flatulence for the mother (e.g. fennel, aniseed) 
  • quark wraps or cooling pads to cool 
    any birth injuries 
  • wool grease/lanolin ointment for nipple care
  • linseed, psyllium, prunes or natural fruit juices to stimulate digestion
  • cosy breastfeeding area, possibly with cushions and storage space for snacks/drinks 
  • prescription for a breast pump (you can obtain this from the hospital or your doctor)

Note: with a prescription, you can borrow an electric breast pump for a deposit and do not have to buy it. 

Tip: you can save a lot of time with a double pump set. Alternatively, there are hand pumps that are easy to use but less effective.

Support and advice for parents:

  • Find a midwife  
  • Find a breastfeeding counsellor 
  • Family support through the Early Intervention Programme in the event of particular stress 
  • Support for the household from parents, friends, relatives or a specialist

Note: second-hand not only saves money, but is also good for the environment and children's health.

Remember that you…
may not need everything on this list.

  • may need additional items.
    can get tips, recommendations and explanations 
  • from professionals and parents.
    can get many used items from other families 
    or even buy things second-hand.