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Living With Diversity – Information for Rainbow Families

LGBTIQA+ people can become parents in many different ways. For a child's healthy development, the quality of relationships is important. The composition of the family is irrelevant.

Below you will get an overview of the different paths to parenthood:

In Austria, for example, there is the possibility of adoption, foster parenting, artificial insemination or other options. The City of Vienna  provides information on the legal situation.

What are the needs of queer families?

The topics and questions surrounding parenthood and starting a family are often similar. However, queer families often experience that the mother-father-child model is still predominant. But that is not the reality in their lives. For queer families, exchanging ideas with other people within the community can be very valuable.

What support options do you have as a new family?

In the first stage after birth, you first learn to adjust to the new situation. This involves taking on new roles. Support each other and ask for help if you need it:

  • If you are under pressure, you will receive free support from the Early Intervention  Family Support Team.
  • During this challenging time, support from people who are sensitive to your needs can be beneficial. On Queermed you will find queer and trans-friendly medical professionals and therapeutic staff.
  • The FAmOS Association is a rainbow family centre in Vienna and offers networking, information and services relating to queer parenthood. On the website, you will find regular group meetings, gender- and identity-sensitive birth preparation courses, counselling services and workshops.
  • Courage* is also a partner, family and sexual counselling centre. It is present in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz and Klagenfurt to support queer families.