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When my baby cries

How do I soothe my child?

You were really looking forward to your baby. But now things are different than expected.  Your baby is crying and crying. Though there is nothing wrong with your Baby. Your Baby is healthy.

It is normal that babies do cry and scream.  That refers to nearly all the babies.  It is also normal that the parents are helpless and overwhelmed. Or they worry that others (for example neighbors) feel disturbed. Sometimes they are even close to loose their nerves.

Try to stay calm. Your baby can’t help that he / she is crying so much. Crying does not mean, that you as a mother or father do anything wrong.  It is only this way that your child can express herself / himself. In any case your baby does not cry to annoy you. In the 2nd and 3rd month healthy babies are able to cry 2 to 3 hours daily. That refers especially to the evening hours.  If you worry, see your pediatrician.

That migth help.

You did change your babies nappies and did feed itbut it still cries. Try to find out what might help your baby.  

  • Some babies like exercise. 
    Others like to be held calmly by their parents.  
  • Some babies like a lot of body-contact. Others prefer lying on their own.  
  • Some babies relax through listening to quiet noises such as singing, radio noises or talks. Others need it totally quiet. 
  • A lot of babies like to feel their „physical limits“ and do relax if they are tightly wrapped in a blanket. 

Your baby continues crying.

Even if it is difficult: continue trying to stay calm. A gentle procedure does help your baby. The calmer you are, the better your baby can relax.  If possible, alternate care.  Then you also come to rest. So you can relax and gain new strength. Get support (e.g. from a specialist)


Be strong  – keep control.

When you notice that you lose your nerve, do the following.

  1. Put your baby in a safe place. This can be for example the cot or the floor. 
    Always put your baby down gently and support the babys head. 
  2. Leave the room but stay close.
  3. Take a deep breath. 
  4. Check on your child every few minutes. 
  5. Get support if necessary.

That won’t harm your child and helps you to calm down again.  

Never shake your baby. Never shut up your baby. Never use force. Because this can be very harmful to your baby. When you’ve lost control, call 144 (pictogram phone). Or take your baby to the nearest clinic immediately.

When you are overwhelmed by the crying and screaming of baby: seek help.

Babies may cry for a long period of time. If your baby cannot calm down, get help. This is good for you and for your baby. There are methods to calm down which can be shown to you by an expert. 

There is help and support here.

  • Early Support (Frühe Hilfen) www.fruehehilfen.at 
  • Parents consultation and Parent child center 
  •  Screaming ambulance
  • Health professionals such as midwives, pediatricians, general practitioners 
  • Psychologists and psychtherapists
  • Child protection center
  • Women’s advice center and 
  • Men’s advice center
  • Child and youth services
  • Telephone health consultation 1450