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Protection of babies and small children in hot weather

It is particularly important for babies and small children to be well protected in hot weather
(especially from 30° C). 

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Tips and personal advice on how best to protect
your baby or small child and also yourself from exposure to heat

The following hints and tips are intended to support this:

  • If possible, keep babies and small children at home between 10 AM and 7 PM.
  • In high humidity, sweating as the body's own cooling mechanism does not work very well -
    especially with babies and small children. Therefore, in humid climates, pay special attention
    to protection against overheating.
  • Babies and small children need to drink enough when it is hot. Therefore, breastfeed or feed
    them more often or offer them water to drink again and again. A small appetite is normal and
    no cause for concern.
  • Use loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing made of breathable fabrics such as cotton.
  • Cooling with air conditioning, room fans (but avoid strong air flows), lukewarm baths (twice a
    day) or compresses/wraps.
  • Move playground visits and physical activities to the cooler morning or evening hours.

NEVER leave a baby or small child (or animal) alone in the car - not even for a moment. Do not
stay in a stationary car for more than a few minutes in hot weather - even if accompanied by an
older child or adult. If necessary, get out of the car and go to a shady place.

  • Always cover the head of babies and small children when outdoors in heat/sunshine. Protect
    parts of the body not protected by clothing with sunscreen (sun protection factor 30+).
  • Outdoors, babies and small children should stay in the shade. If there is no shade, use
    umbrellas to cover/protect the head and body.
  • Avoid heat accumulation in closed prams/strollers (by using a sunshade etc.).

CAUTION: Do not hang up cloths or blankets that cover the entire pram.

  • In case of changes in the baby’s / child's body temperature or other abnormalities, e.g.
    unusual sleepiness, drowsiness - if in doubt, call 1450 or a doctor.
  • If babies are ill in hot weather (colds, especially diarrhoea) and drink little, call or see a

More questions about heat?

  HEAT TELEPHONE - 0800 880 800 - Tips and personal advice on how best to protect
your baby or small child and also yourself from exposure to heat

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