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Protect Small Children From Poisoning in the Home

As soon as children move around independently and discover the world with curiosity, they can get their hands on more and more things. Depending on age and stage of development, various accidents can happen, especially at home. The more freely a child can move around, the more you have to watch out: the risk of a child coming into contact with toxic or corrosive substances increases.

How can you identify the most serious dangers and avoid poisoning accidents in the home?

Pay particular attention to the following things:

  • Keep poisonous and corrosive substances, medicines and button cells out of the reach of children!
  • Look out for childproof fasteners, but never rely on them!
  • Observe the warnings on products!

What should you do in an emergency?

  • Keep calm and remove the source of danger.
  • Clean the child's oral cavity by rinsing or wiping it out.
  • Contact the Poison Information Centre on 01 406 43 43 to have the risk assessed.

In the event of severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or repeated vomiting, call the emergency services on 144

The Poison Information Centre has developed the following information together with the Road Safety Board: 

You can find more information at gesundheit.gv.at under Vergiftungen (Poisonings).

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